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Welcome To Knitterly Things!

The home of Vesper Sock Yarn.
Skeins of Vesper Sock Yarn are dyed in small lots,
in small batches.
Each Colorway is a multi stripe color "Almost Solid" Self Striping Yarn.
Each Skein Hand dyed, Every Colorway Unique!



 *****Shop News!!!*****






As always, we wish our Knitters a very happy, HEALTHY New Year. 

Thank you for your support over the years, especiailly these long, last two!



Some good news to start off your year-


Sock Yarn Clubs are BACK!


*There are two, notable, changes this year-

First, with unending apologies for International Knitters-

We are not currently shipping outside of the US.

We have lost (and replaced!) more international shipments then EVER

in the history of our 16 year old business.

Until things are sorted out, we are only shipping within the US.


Second- for the time being we are not dyeing our Glitterful Base Yarn.

This is simply a supply issue that we're sure will be resolved soon.

At this time we are out of stock, as is our supplier, and we don't

want to promise what we cannot deliver.


When this base is again available, we will send out an email,

and anyone wishing to change their base option can do so.


Read more below for sign up info!



Again this year we've got our Vesper Sock Yarn Club.

This club reopens quarterly over the year,

but now is the time to get a discount, and keep the yarn coming!


Click here to join our Vesper Sock Yarn Club!



AND! For the 3rd year in a row,

we're bringing back our ReMix Club!

Some of your favorite original colorways reimagined and remixed

for new, fun knitting!


Click here to join our Remix Club!







'Brilliantly Bold'


A new and super fun Vesper Sock Yarn Colorway!


Based on our original Chevron Love Mitten Kit Colorway,

and developed for Stephanie Lotven's

amazing 'Onward and Outward' Shawl Design',

we've translated this fun, bright combo

of colors into a self striping sock yarn!


Click here to get yours!



Brilliantly Bold Vesper Sock Yarn!

Available now!






* as we all know, colors on moniters can vary greatly.
We try to make sure that colors are as accurate as possible.
You can be sure that your yarn will be even
more pretty in person, than in the photos!

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