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Monster Sock Kits!

Product Code: MONY78M735




Monster Socks Yarn Kit!



It's very nearly Fall, and

every year we see some AMAZING scrappy, aka Monster Socks popping up!


If you are on Instagram, search the hashtag "monstersocks'

and 'monstersockKAL' and you'll see some amazing, one-of-a-kind creations.


These kits have been on my radar to do for some time, and this year I am making it happen!




Whenever you see a whole sock sample of one of my colorways,

that is a sock that has been handknit knit by me, (that would be Julia) and as you might imagine,

I have knit A LOT of socks! There is almost always a sock on my needles!

AND, having knit all these socks, I have many, many leftovers, and partial skeins,

but also small sample bits and bobs of yarn that have accumulated over time.

AND, this over this past year I have been dyeing a little bit extra with all of my colorways-

so this year's color selections will be differant from last year!



In these yarn kits, packaged in a super fun and cute box with a delightful monster illustration,

each box measures approximately 8x6x4 inches.


you will get-


120g of fingering weight yarn:

I've made up two versions of this kit-

Version One has mostly my classic sock base, 80/20 superwash merino and nylon,

with also some bits in my Glitterful base as well.


100g is made up of scrappy bits, mostly self striping yarns, but also some solids.

20g is a full mini skein in a completely random color. This mini skein could be Classic Sock or Glitterful.


An OPTIONAL notions tool kit, including scissors, a tape measure, and stitch markers.




Version 2 is made up of entirely of my Thick Sock base-

which is 75/25 superwash wool and nylon.


120g total,

100g is all random scrappy bits, mostly of self striping yarn, but also some solids.

20g is a full mini skein, in a random solid color.

and a notions kit, including scissors, a tape measure, and stitch markers.



These kits are ready to ship!



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